Eka, meaning one, is dedicated to teaching diversity for happy, healthy, and PURPOSEFUL living through mindset, intuitive healing, and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.




Hi, I'm Angela!

I'm the mastermind behind Eka and all of its offerings. Through my own physical and mental health challenges, I was inspired to create a safe and helpful space that encourages holistic health, intuitive healing, and the celebration of what makes each of us unique so that we can live with more PURPOSE.

I have been exploring and studying Ayurveda, the inner workings of the human mind, and other healing modalities for over a decade, and am continually blessed and inspired by the transformations they are able to create, including my own. I have a genuine passion for teaching all things and find joy in encouraging my clients to explore their unique gifts.

When not teaching or coaching, you’ll most likely find me urban hiking with my husband and fur baby, Desta the dachshund, or getting experimental in the kitchen.

My Story & How I Help My Clients

What clients are saying...

Angela- just a quick note to say how much I’ve loved following your feed about your life, business, and philosophy. You are such a Love and a Light and I hope you keep up the good work as you continue to inspire me as I imagine you do so many others. - Laura

Awww, Angela!!!💗💗💗 I think about you and the light you’ve given me in my life EVERY time I oil pull, practice yoga, and now, whenever I giddily check your podcast page to hear your voice and learn more about Ayurveda! You are a blessing to me, and surely countless others. I have endless heartfelt compliments to share with you any ol’ time you may need a reminder that you are a rare gem. - Clementine


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