Purposeful Ease Journal

We all want to live with more purpose and ease, right?!


Because I know coaching isn't for everyone, I created the Purposeful Ease Journal. This journal is comprised of a large chunk of what I offer in my private coaching sessions to help my clients live with more purpose and achieve their goals with more ease. 


Literally, this journal is hundreds of dollars of coaching wrapped up into a pretty little, not so little, 100-page PDF! 


If you are self-motivated but prone to getting distracted or overwhelmed, this journal is for you and I promise that it is going to be your new best friend! 


The intention behind this journal is to help you to shift into a "flow state" so that you are able to take actionable steps toward achieving your goals with more ease and a greater sense of excitement.


Through the teachings of Ayurveda, the 5 elements, and the prompts provided, discover how to create the life you desire through the path of least resistance.


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