The Vedic Science of Life.

Described as the Vedic Science of Life, Ayurveda is a five thousand-year-old healing tradition originating in India. It is the sister science to yoga or the medical side of yoga. Ayurveda uses yoga, diet, and herbal formulas to bring wellness to an individual’s entire well-being. Ayurveda treats the individual as a whole and assists in maintaining overall health.

Ayurveda understands that we are all unique! 

Ayurveda recognizes each person as an individual with a different body constitution or dosha; vata, pitta, or kapha. We have all three of the doshas in our physiology, just in different proportions. Everyone’s dosha is unique and personal; it is like a fingerprint. Each dosha is made up of one or two of the five basic elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth , and gives us insight into the tendencies of our bodies (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Because we are unique, what we eat, how we exercise, when we sleep, and even where we prefer to live, will be different from one person to the next. The best and most healthful practices for each individual can be better understood by knowing one’s body type.

The 3 Doshas


 Air & Space

The one that produces energy and flexibility.  



Fire & Water

The one that produces heat and transformation. 


 Earth & Water

The one that helps to connect or adhere. 


How to Live Happy & Healthy According to Your Body Type! Take the dosha test, learn more about each dosha, and how you can begin to incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life.


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